The BRC will host a group of visiting Israelis this Fall, who are coming to town to kick-off A Collaborative Research Partnership between Dalhousie University and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, known as:


This collaborative effort will help to close the knowledge gap in key areas of brain disorders by creating the opportunity for students and researchers at both institutions to collaborate and share knowledge, resources and data. The brain-health focused research programs at the universities examine similar topics, taking different approaches. By working together, they will create a knowledge base with greater breadth and depth and accelerate the rate of progress. Dalhousie and Ben-Gurion Universities have identified three key areas where their collaboration can have the greatest impact. These areas are Brain Injury, Motor and Balance Control, Neurodevelopment.

Join us on Thursday November 16th to meet these visitors from Ben-Gurion University, listen to presentations from both Universities on their research, join the conversation about collaborative research and hear what the partnership will bring to Dalhousie. 

Location: BRC Boardroom, 3rd Floor, LSRI, 1348 Summer St. 
               (Evening presentations and posters will be in the LSRI Atrium). 
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 All Research talks will take place in the BRC Boardroom, 3rd Floor, LSRI, 1348 Summer St. 

Click here for pdf version of AGENDA

Opening Remarks

Alice Aiken -VPR, Dalhousie
Dan Blumberg  -VPR, Ben-Gurion University
Victor Rafuse – Director, Brain Repair Centre


Session 1: Motor and Balance Control
Chair: Dr. Victor Rafuse

Victor Rafuse  (Medical Neuroscience, DAL)
Role of Schwann cells in ALS pathology


Turgay Akay (Medical Neuroscience, DAL)
Role of muscle spindles in mouse locomotion


Lior Shmuelof (BGU)
Formation of long-term motor memories in locomotor adaptation


Steven Beyea (BIOTIC, IWK/QE2, DAL)
Driving Brain Health Innovation through Strategic Partnerships between Industry and Healthcare




Cheryl Kozey (Health Professions, DAL)
Role of Neuromuscular control in Bone and Joint Disorders


Shaun Boe (Health Professions, DAL)
With a little help from my friends: adjuncts to improve learning and recovery


Sean Christie (Neurosurgery, DAL)
Addressing questions in Spinal Cord Injury:Surgery & Basic Science


Itzik Meltzer (BGU)
Properties balance control associated with compensatory rapid leg movements: age-related differences




Session 2: The Diseased Brain
Chair: Dr. Ilan Dinstein


Tim Bardouille (Physics & Atmospheric Science, DAL)
Improving Neurofeedback Systems with Artificial (and Human) Intelligence


Jeremy Brown (Electrical and Computer Engineering, DAL)
Endoscopic Micro-Ultrasound for Neuro-Surgery


Cynthia Calkin (Psychiatry, DAL)
Blood-brain barrier dysfunction as a pharmacodynamics biomarker of neuroprogression in bipolar disorder


Alon Friedman (Medical Neuroscience, Dalhouise)
Collaborative approach in translational studies after brain injury: why and how?


Session 3:  Neurodevelopment
Chair: Dr. Alon Freidman


Gabrielle Rigney (Pyschology & Neuroscience, DAL)
Leveraging technology to treat pediatric insomnia


Tara Perrot (Psychology & Neuroscience, DAL)
Maternal and paternal influences on offspring stress response development


Hava Golan (BGU)
The in utero environment and prenatal brain injury- rodent models


Kazue Semba (Medical Neuroscience, Dalhouise)
Glia function in sleep


Ilan Dinstein (BGU)
Studying sleep quality, sensory sensitivities, motor control, eye movements, and overnight EEG recordings at the Negev Autism Center


Isabel Smith (Division of Developmental Pediatrics, DAL/IWK)
Longitudinal and Intervention Research in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Gal Meiri (BGU)
Studying risk factors for Autism in a culturally diverse population of the Negev


Closing Remarks



Open Forum (BGU – DAL/BRC) 
& Poster Presentations
LSRI Atrium


Name (Supervisor)


Uduak MacKenzie
(Dr. Ying Zhang)

The effects of PB23 on motor function in an ALS diseased mouse model.

Shannon Hall
(Dr. Kazue Semba)

Does sleep loss “wake up” immune cells in the brain?

Ellen Parker
(Dr. Alon Friedman)

Mechanisms Underlying Sports-Related Brain Injuries: Early Findings in a Novel Model of Repetitive Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Julia Harrison
(Dr. Vic Rafuse)

Impaired Self-Repair at the Neuromuscular Junction in ALS

Drew DeBay
(Dr. Sultan Darvesh)

Butyrylcholinesterase: A diagnostic target for neuroimaging in Alzheimer's disease

Sarah Krautner
(Dr. Shaun Boe)

Thinking through to better learning

Lyna S. Kamintsky
(Dr. Alon Friedman)

The role of leaky blood vessels in Bipolar Disorder

Erin Dempsey
(Dr. Isabel Smith)

Psychometric Properties of the Merrill-Palmer-Revised Scales of Development in Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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