Dates: September 30, October 1 & 2, 2018 

Location: Whitepoint Lodge Resort, NS




Sunday September 30th

3.00pm onwards Check-in 

6.00pm Dinner with Dr David Bennett, Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute (NMHI), University of Alberta
Presynaptic facilitation in rats and humans: a new role for GABA

8.00pm Group Activity 


Monday October 1st 

Opening remarks by Vic Rafuse

Session 1: Sensory Motor, (Chair: Han Zhang)

  • Jim Fawcett
    Cerebellum and balance
  • Jason MacDougall 
    Joint Mechanosensation and Pain
  • Melissa O'Brien 
    Sex-specific blockade of NaV1.8 in rodent model of joint neyropathy
  • Meagan McKenna 
    The Cannabis Terpene Myrcene Exhibits Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Properties in a Rat Model of Arthritis.
  • Borbala Podor
    BMP4 function at the NMJ, it’s not only about NCAM anymore


10.30am Coffee Break 


10.45am Session 2: Motor & Cortical Circuits (Chair: Julia Harrison)

  • Angelo Iuliannela 
    Specification of cortical projection networks
  • Turgay Akay
    Sensory control of muscle synergies during locomotion
  • Han Zhang
    Mouse spinal V3 interneurons have different motor circuit functions along the rostrocaudal axis
  • Olivier LaFlamme
    Role of V3 commissural interneurons in crossed reflexes

12.00pm Group Lunch 

1.30pm Afternoon break to enjoy the facilities check out Things to Do

7.00pm Dinner with Dr Monica Gorassini, Centre for Neuroscience, University of Alberta.
"Brain, brainstem and spinal circuits in cerebral palsy: implications for rehabilitation"

8.30pm Bonfire & marshmallow roast


Tuesday October 2nd 

Session 3: Biomechanics & Engineering (Chair: Antonios Diab)

  • Chris McGibbon
    Rehabilitation Engineering Strategies for Improving Outcomes in Brain and Spinal Cord Injury
  • Adam Quirk 
    Individuals with greater transverse plane laxity exhibit modified trunk muscle activation patterns during a controlled lifting task: implications of recent back pain
  • Shane McCullum
    The Use of Electrical Stimulation and Technology in Mobility Recovery 

Session 4: Spinal Cord (Chair: Dylan Quinn)

  • Sean Christie 

  • Colleen O’Connell 
    Global Tools for SCI Research Collaboration
  • Dr Joanne Savoie 
    Implementing Pain Practices in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation:  Lessons Learned at the Stan Cassidy Center

10.30am Coffee Break 


12.30pm Group Lunch 

Session 5: Molecular Stress (Chair: Olivier Laflamme)

  • Denys Khaperskyy
    Autophagy and the integrated stress response
  • Julia Harrison
    Role of terminal Schwann cells in ALS disease progression
  • Antonios Diab 
    Signalling pathways in anxiety and stress
  • Adrienne Weeks

3.00pm Closing 


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