Rick Hansen - the British Columbian-born activist and founder of the Rick Hansen Foundation found time during a recent visit to Dalhousie, to drop in for a tour of the Brain Repair Centre. Dr Victor Rafuse, hosted the tour which showcased some of work being done here in both basic science and clinically, to advance spinal cord injury injury care. 

Rick is a passionate supporter of people with disabilities in Canada and is best known as the “Man In Motion” for his epic 26-month, 34 country, 40,000 km wheelchair trip around the world to prove the potential of people with disabilities and raise funds for spinal cord injury research.

2018 11 01 RHnasen Visit 1 
Rick Hansen with Dr Shaun Boe & Dr Victor Rafuse


Hansen Visit (2) Oct 2018
Rick Hansen with Rafuse Lab members:
Jude Kline, Julia Harisson and Asal Yans 

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