ABI Study - Information Form

Lead Investigator: Alon Friedman

Principal Investigator: Dr. Cindy Calkin

We are looking for HEALTHY VOLUNTEERS between 30 and 60 years of age to complete cognitive (memory) testing

What is the ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) Study?

We have been asked by the Federal Government to investigate post-concussion-like symptoms in Canadian Diplomates after being posted to Havana, Cuba. Part of the investigation involves cognitive (memory) testing. We are looking for healthy volunteers to complete this same cognitive testing. Please consider contributing to this important research.

In order to participate you need to: 

  • NOT have a history of head injury (you may wish to participate in our full study if you have a history of head injury)
  • NOT have a major neurological (brain) or psychiatric illness

What should I expect when participating?

The study procedures will take about 2.5 hours in total to complete which will include:

  • A health questionnaire
  • List of your medications
  • Cognitive (memory) testing (done on an iPad… a bit like computer games J)

This study is funded by Global Affairs Canada

Ethics approval
This study has been reviewed by the Nova Scotia Health Authority Research Ethics Board and has received approval.                                                             

If you are interested in participatingor would like to find out more about the ABI study, please contact Amanda Adams by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by phone (902-473-8040).

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