Letter from Dr Victor Rafuse, Director BRC 
to All BCR and BGU School of Brain and Cognitive Sciences PIs

Following on from the visit by BGU researchers last winter the BRC, in conjunction with its sponsors, is developing a DAL/BGU Student Exchange Program. This program would see students travelling to Ben Gurion University, where they would shadow a PI with complimentary research interests. There would be a reciprocal agreement whereby BGU students would shadow PIs here at the BRC. The objective would be to set up new partnerships/collaborations or further develop existing ones. 

There will be a financialcontribution of $3000. 

*To kickstart this project the BRC is requesting interested PIs from both Dalhousie University and Ben Gurion University to submit a shortbio-sketch outlining their research interests and technical approaches used to address these interests.  The Biosketches will then be posted on the BRC and BGU School of Brain and Cognitive Sciences websites along with their contact information.  PIs would then be encouraged to contact researchers who have common research interests to determine if they wish to initiate a collaboration by exchanging a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow through this program. Once interested partners have been identified they should contact the BRC administration to receive an application for funding. The number of funded students will be determined by the overall availability of funds (currently 4-8 students).

Identified areas of research within the Canada-Israel Trans-Atlantic Collaboration for Brain Studies are (but not limited to):

  1. Brain Injury
  2. Motor Control and Rehabilitation
  3. Neurodevelopment and Autism Disorders

See http://www.brainrepair.ca/BGU_Discussion_Paper for more information on the Canada-Israel Trans-Atlantic Collaboration for Brain Studies.

*Interested parties should submit their bio-sketch to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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