Wednesday December 14th 

Venue: TUPPER LINK, Tupper Building, Dalhousie
10.00-16.00 Poster Viewing and Competition 
Click here for the list of posters 

Thursday December 15th 
Research Presentations - THEATRE D, Sir Charles Tupper Building, 5850 College St., Dalhousie University
& Poster Viewing - TUPPER LINK, Sir Charles Tupper Building, Dalhousie

PROGRAM (Subject to confirmation) 

09.00-09.30: Registration and Poster Viewing 

09.30-10.00: Welcome and Opening Remarks
Dr. David Anderson, Dean of Medicine, Dalhousie University (TBC)
Dr. Lidija Marusic, Investment Manager, Life Sciences, Innovacorp
Dr Victor Rafuse, Brain Repair Centre 
10.00-11.00: Achieving Health and Well-Being (Neurodevelopment Cluster) 
Chaired by: Dr. Lidija Marusic, Investment Manager, Innovacorp 
- Dr. Tara Perrot, Chair, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience: 
"Neurodevelopment Cluster: Update, Context, Future"
- Dr James Fawcett, Department of Pharmacology:
"The synapse as a focus for cognitive dissonance"
- Dr. Rudolf Uher, Department of Psychiatry: 
"Targeted prevention of mental illness in youth at risk"
11.00-12.00: Enhancing Mobility for Active Living (AMAP Cluster)  
Chaired by: Kim Carter, ALS Society
Dr. Victor Rafuse, Director BRC, Department of Medical Neuroscience:
"In vitro models to study ALS"
Dr. Turgay Akay, Department of Medical Neuroscience:
"Locomotor compensation for motor unit loss during the progression of ALS"
- Dr Janie Wilson, Department of Biomedical Engineering: 
"Walking Mechanics and Musculoskeletal Health and Function"

12.00-13.00:   Lunch and Poster Session

Pierre Drapeau, University Montreal: 
"Fishing for Mechanisms of Neuronal Generation and Survival in Health and Disease"

14.00-14.15:   Coffee Break 

14.15-15.15: Neurodegeneration in Multiple Sclerosis (Neurodegeneration Cluster) 
Chaired by: Dr. George Robertson, Departments of Psychiatry and Pharmacology  
- Max Fiander, MSc Student, Department of Pharmacology:
"Kinematic analyses of gait deficits in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis: Alterations in ankle movement predict the degree of spinal cord injury"
- Jordan Warford, PhD Student, Department of Pathology:
"Neuroinflammation as a double-edged sword in MS: Consequences of the myelin microenvironment on neurodegeneration"
Dr. Virender Bhan, Division Head, Division of Neurology, QEII:
“MS pathobiology – inflammation or neurodegeneration - a clinician's perspective”
15.15-16.15: Mild Brain Injury, Concussions and Delayed Neurodegeneration: Hope Through Research (TBI Cluster) 
Chaired by: Leona Burkey, BIANS
Dr Alon Friedman, Departments of Medical Neuroscience and Paediatrics:   "Translating bench to bed: why do we fail?"
Prof. Lee Goldstein, Boston University, School of Medicine, College of Engineering,   Photonics Center and Alzheimers Disease Centre: 
"Concussion, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy:    New Insights from the Battlefield, Gridiron, and Lab Bench"

- Diana Nichols Nelson, COO, BRC: 
"Update on TBI Research Partnership"

16.30-17.30 Awards (Poster Competition, sponsored by Innovacorp)
                     Closing Remarks followed by Wine & Cheese Reception

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