AMAP 2020 Group Pic

Dates: September 27 - 29, 2020

Location: Whitepoint Lodge Resort, NS


3.00pm onwards - Check-in 
5.00pm Trainee/Staff Meeting 
6.00pm Dinner  
7.00pm Session #1

9.00am Session #2
10.30am Coffee Break 
11.00am Session #3 
12.30pm Lunch 
1.30pm Afternoon Break & Activities 
6.00pm Dinner & Trivia
8.30pm Entertainment - Live music in WP Lounge 

9.00am Session #4
10.30am Coffee Break
11.00am Session #5
1.00pm Lunch & Discussion 
2.00pm Closing

PRESENTERS (subject to minor changes)

 Session #1 (Chaired by Borbala Podor) 

  • Vic Rafuse
    - Opening remarks 
  •  Joel Ross (UPEI) 
    - Modeling neurodevelopmental disorders with personalized human neurons
  • Pooyan Moradi, DAL (Friedman) 
    - Blood-brain barrier-targeted therapy for the prevention of post-traumatic epilepsy
  • Alexandre Banks UNB (Sensiger)
    - Balancing best-practices and personalization for stroke rehabilitation using computational models and optimal control
  • Ibrahim Shahin, DAL (Fawcett)  
    - Integrin dependent activation of Rho


Session #2 (Chaired by Pooyan Moradi)

  • Gerben van Hameran, DAL (Friedman)
    - The ins and outs of mitochondria: What changes during neuronal hyperactivity?
  • Adam Johnston UPEI
    - Cellular Senescence in Neuromuscular Health and Disease
  • Kennedy Brittain, DAL (Christie) 
    - Neuroprotection after traumatic spinal cord injury by inhibiting the mitochondrial calcium uniporter
  • Luke Dillman, UNB (McGibbon) 
    - UNB Centre for Adaptive Rehabilitation - An Update on Current Affairs
  • Dylan Deska-Gaultier DAL (Zhang)
    - Uncovering excitatory interneuron diversity in the spinal cord

Session #3 (Chaired by Brandon Smith) 

  • Anjana Arunachalam, UNB (Sensiger) 
    - Intuitive prosthesis tuning through user-tuned preference of effort, accuracy, and time
  • Melissa O’Brien, DAL (MacDougall) 
    - Sex-Specific Pain Responses in a Rodent Model of Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis
  • Alana Gullison, UNB (McGibbon) 
    - The Interaction Between Overground Robotic Gait and Lower Limb Spasticity in People with Spinal Cord Injury
  • Asal Yans, DAL (Rafuse)
    - Towards the development of a strategy to restore meaningful function to permanently denervated skeletal muscles
  • Dylan Quinn, DAL (Fawcett)
    - The stability of glutamatergic synapses is independent of activity level, but predicted by synapse size

Session #4 (Chaired by Alexandre Banks) 

  • Mustafa Nadi, DAL (Christie)
    - MicroRNA expression patterns following traumatic spinal cord injury
  • Brandon Smith, UPEI (Ross) 
    - CRISPR-based tools for functional analysis of activity-dependent genes
  • Han Zhang, DAL (Zhang) 
    - Differential Regulatory Function of V3 Interneurons in Different Behaviors
  • Ana Arantes, UNB, presented by Chris McGibbon 
    - Analysis of a Real-Time, Adaptive, Assist-as-Needed Controller for Robot-Assisted Rehabilitation of the Upper-Extremity Following Stroke 
  • Julia Harrison, DAL (Rafuse) 
    - Investigating the role of BMP4 in neuromuscular function and nerve regeneration

Session #5 (Chaired by David Burbidge) 

  • Daniel Saucier, UNB (O'Connell) 
    - Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis hotspots in New Brunswick: Is the surrounding environment to blame?
  • Tyler Wells, DAL (Akay)
    - C-Boutons and Their Influence on ALS Disease Progression
  • Hamza Imtiaz, DAL/NSHA
    - Can paroxysmal cortical slowing predict epilepsy prognosis?
  • Rafaela Andrade-Viera, DAL (Fawcett) 
    - Loss of adaptor proteins impact satellite cells expression and muscle function
  • Olivier Laflamme, DAL (Akay)
    - Role of V3 interneurons in the transmission of sensory afferent signals



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