With its partners, the Brain Repair Centre is helping to build the intellectual capital Nova Scotia needs to participate fully in the knowledge economy—while helping to create interesting and well-paid new jobs for talented people in Nova Scotia.

Brain Repair Centre-affiliated researchers at Dalhousie University directly employ approximately 200 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and more than 50 technicians, data analysts and other support staff, in their research programs. Trainees develop strong research and analytical skills, which they take with them as they pursue careers in universities, health care institutions, and the private sector.

The Brain Repair Centre is also a key funding partner of the Summer Institute in Neurotechnology, Innovation and Commercialization (NICE). Launched in 2012, this annual intensive training program welcomes neuroscience trainees and researchers seeking to gain the knowledge and skills that are needed to translate neuroscience discoveries into commercially viable solutions to real-world problems. The NICE Summer Institute is a key component of the RADIANT CREATE Neurotechnology Innovation and Entrepreneurship program. This is a unique graduate certificate program for students enrolled at Dalhousie University, which instills business knowledge and entrepreneurial thinking in young scientists with a strong interest in translational neuroscience.

By promoting the development of neuroscience and related products and businesses, the Brain Repair Centre also has an indirect impact on job creation in Nova Scotia. As more BRC-affiliated researchers launch successful spin-off companies, they will generate more private-sector jobs for highly skilled and educated employees.

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