The Neurodevelopment cluster involves researchers that are interested in the interaction between genes and environment in shaping brain development. This research group will emphasize the 'molecule-to-child' approach. Neurodevelopment involves a spectrum of investigations from the molecule to the embryo to the establishment of neural connections to the shaping of the child's brain and personality. Areas of research include: neurodevelopment disorders; epilepsy; mood disorders; autism spectrum disorders; aging; stress; bipolar disorder; attention; memory; learning; genetic disorders.


  • Tara Perrot, neuroscience, development, epigenetics, behavioural endocrinology, adolescence, stress, prenatal stress, sex differences
  • Angelo Iulianella, neural development, neurogenesis, maintenance of neural phenotypes, cell fate, peripheral nervous system, neural crest cells, embryology
  • Ian Weaver, neurobehavioural epigenetic mechanisms, early life experience, steroid hormone function, dna and chromatin modification, programming of gene expression, cortical development, endocrine and behavioural stress responses, pharmacological interventions, psycho-social interventions
  • Richard Brown, behavioural endocrinology, developmental psychobiology, drugs and behaviour, behaviour of transgenic and mutant mice, development, animal behaviour, memory
  • Kevin Duffy, development, neuroscience, vision impairment, cellular mechanisms,neuroplasticity
  • Tamara Franklin, neuroscience, epigenetics, in vivo electrophysiology, animal behaviour, neuroconnectivity, sociability
  • Aaron Newman, neuroimaging, language, neuroplasticity, aphasia, deafness, gesture,second language acquisition, sign language
  • Leslie Phillmore, learning, memory, songbirds, perception, neurogenesis,neuroplasticity, seasonality
  • Rudolf Uher, early interventions interventions to prevent severe mental illness, classification of psychopathology, the treatment of depression, the use the clinical assessment and genomics to personalize and optimize treatment and the interplay of genes and environment in the causation of mental illness
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